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Potential Benefits

Conceptual image of Campus Town project
Conceptual image of Campus Town project

Job Creation:

As a result of the Campus Town project, 475 permanent jobs will be created in construction, retail commercial operations and property management. Additionally, 6,000 to 10,000 additional jobs in the construction chain should be created, enhanced or supported, including vendors, suppliers, fabricated, equipment manufacturers, etc.


Forecasted over 20 years, payroll and salaries associated with Campus Town-related jobs total over $196 million. Tax revenue over that period is projected to be more than $37 million. Revenue to the College is projected to be a minimum of $47 million.

Other Benefits:

  • Enhancement of campus life for TCNJ students, faculty, and staff
  • Amenities, such as retail shops, restaurants, professional services, a book store, health club, etc. (all yet to be determined), that could serve members of the campus and local communities as well as returning alumni and other visitors to TCNJ
  • A gathering space for social interaction and activity among local residents and TCNJ community members
  • Employment opportunities for local residents and TCNJ students

Additional on-campus housing for TCNJ students, faculty, and staff